Limited space is not a limitation – the IMPRESSIONE collection will endow any interior with a touch of expressiveness. The modularity of the collection makes it more of an idea than a ready-made product, enabling space to be shaped without any limitations. The modules are regular, but differ from one another, allowing users to define the style according to their plans and dreams. IMPRESSIONE amazes with its form and functionality, which are both focused on maximum comfort. The concept of the collection enables dynamic changes in the appearance and application of the furniture, which can be implemented with a single motion with the use of its relaxation function, built-in audio system, or by adjusting the shelf to serve as a handy table.


The modular Zoom collection is a constant search for one’s own style through the composition of unique, personal sets. One of the key inspirations in the design process of this collection was the art of photography, which focuses on composition, proportions, shapes, and details. Moving through the world of creative image enables the design of furniture that is not only beautiful, but also interesting in terms of its form. The inclusion of functional solutions provided Zoom with astonishing form and practicality.