How to care for fabrics


Upholstery fabrics should be kept clean. Dust and dirt should be removed with the use of an upholstery cleaning tip.


Soiling caused by drinks, food, sweets, cosmetics, blood, mud, etc. should be removed with soft, cotton cloth slightly soaked in a mixture of hard soap and water. Upholstery fabrics should not be overly drenched. The cleaning should be gentle, from the outside of a stain towards its center (without rubbing it too hard). Any remaining moisture should be removed with absorbent cloth. Chemical cleaning agents containing kerosene, alcohol or other solvents should not be used. After drying, brush without pressure with a soft natural bristle brush in the direction opposite to the alignment of the fibers.

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Liquid soiling should immediately be removed by drying with absorbent cloth.

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Solid soiling should be carefully removed with a blunt, flat knife or a spoon.

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Upholstery fabrics should occasionally be brushed with a soft natural bristle brush.