Etap Sofa is a Polish brand. The furniture is manufactured in two modern production plants - in Bydgoszcz and Chełmno. Their high quality and unique designs satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers and set contemporary trends in furniture-making. It is here, where on special order, modern furniture is created - corners, sofas, armchairs upholstered with natural leather and fabric. Thanks to their many functions, users experience the highest comfort and cushiness. Movable headrests - guarantee the most optimal head and neck support. Adjustable backrest inclination - ensures relaxation of back and shoulders. Movable shelves and armrests - allow you to work comfortably with your laptop and relax with a cup of coffee. Sleeping function - increases the functionality of the furniture due to many options to choose from. Adjustable backrest height and seat depth - allows you to assume a position relaxing the entire spine. Retractable footrests – bring relief to tired legs. The offer includes a wide range of products, so there will surely be something to everyone’s liking. Each time spent on the sofa will be an amazing adventure, because life can be exciting even while simply sitting on a couch. Feel free to browse our collections. Etap Sofa design - upholstered furniture - resting sets - leather furniture - leather sofas.