Relacja z Targów Meble Polska 2018

Na tegorocznych targach Meble Polska zaprezentowano 4 nowe modele marki etap Sofa – Jacob, Hugo, Thor i Nils. Są to modele w stylu nowoczesnym. Wszystkie kolekcje posiadają funkcje spania oraz pojemniki na pościel. Model Jacob został wyposażony dodatkowo w funkcję relaksu, co zapewnia jeszcze wyższy komfort wypoczynku. Wkrótce nowości będą dostępne w salonach sprzedaży.

New swatch of natural leather

During the IMS group internal furniture fair in Wieruszowa (July 28-29), we presented a new leather swatch, common for both brands – Etap Sofa and Bydgoskie Meble.

The new, looking interesting swatch presents in a simple way 4 natural leathers groups.

Naturelle – leathers type Madras
Evolution – a new offer of leathers type dollaro, ace at attractive colors palette
Prestige – the selection of the best leathers of previous swatch
Prestige + – aniline leathers

The new swatch, thanks to its form and content, allows to present natural leathers at showrooms in comfortable way. We are convinced that suitable form of the swatch and the new leathers selection, will be appreciated by showroom sellers and customers as well.

Report from the fair “Meble Polska 2016”

This year Poznań International Fair was exceptionally interesting for visitors. We took care about conversation, so all our visitors could hold talks about business, trends, modern sale tools and our inspirations as well.
At the exhibition, in March 8-11, we presented new furniture: collection of Cabo, Way, Ergo, Trick and chairs – Fiord and Theo. We are convinced that these new items will take place in many houses and apartments, because we took efforts to make them beautiful and useful.
There were interesting meetings and events at our stand either. The one of most important was Partner Roku 2016 (The Partner of the Year 2016). We honored this way our business partners for long-term partnership, trust and promotion of e.g. Etap Sofa brand. The exhibition was also an opportunity to present the new logo of IMS Group, the group which includes Etap Sofa brand. The base of new logo is the ring, which is a symbol of constant improvement. The point at the beginning is a symbol of dynamic movement start point. The main mark placed inside shows that IMS Group is the center of changes.
Our stand was also visited by Małgorzata Rozenek, who was invited by Fargotex company, which is fabric supplier i.a. for Etap Sofa brand. She took part in easy-clean fabrics show and her presence was obviously very interesting for visitors.
Moreover we prepared for our visitors separate stand to test during fair a configurator 3D of Intiaro company. The tool allows to plan furniture before purchase and to fit it to interior.
This year we decided to show guests, visitors and customers the details of our work, which is related to the production of furniture. The stand was filled with pictures of our workers, who shortly described what is their job and projects. We are convinced that this kind of presentation puts furniture industry into a different perspective – people create furniture for others, with heart, engagement, experience, knowledge and talent.
We consider this year fair as a very successful, filled with inspirational conversations and meetings. We are proud of our products – stay in contact, their pictures will appear soon.