Different leg types

Depending on the model, the customer may choose the type, shape, material, and color of the legs which will be best suited for a particular interior design or the needs of the users.

Extendable tabletop

Some modules are equipped with an extendable, adjustable top serving as a table for a laptop, books, or snacks. Selected modules have an additional compartment under the tabletop, enabling the storage of equipment and small items.

Audio system

Selected models are equipped with audio systems, enabling the playback of music from various sources and carriers. The audio module features built-in speakers, which ensure high sound quality.


The seat is extended increasing comfort by providing additional space for resting the head. The removable version may be moved to different parts of the set, e.g. from a sofa to an armchair, while the adjustable version allows for reclining it into the desired position.

Extendable footrest

Function used in armchairs. Enables convenient rest thanks to the extension of the seat, where the Customers can comfortably place their legs when resting, reading a book, or watching television.