Bedding container

Selected models feature pull-out containers, which provide excellent storage space for bedding. Apart from bedding, also other things that did not fit into the closet may be stored in this drawer.

Dolphin function

The advantage of this function is the large and comfortable sleeping surface and a bedding container. This function is easily opened by pulling out and lifting the sleeping section. Our offer includes special bedspreads for corner sofas to increase the comfort of rest.

Bed lift function

A comfortable system works by leaning the backrest of the furniture towards the front. The sleeping area is resilient thanks to the use of pocket springs. Each pocket is independent from one another, which increases the comfort of use.


One of the main merits of this function is the large sleeping area made of thick foam. A bedding container is also optionally available in selected models. Special bedspreads may be used on this type of sofas for sleeping.


A sleeping function designed for occasional use. Its main advantage is the even sleeping surface – a mattress made of soft foam. The mechanism is similar to the one used in camp beds. It is made of steel or aluminum elements and contains springs and spring slats. The system is very easy to fold out, providing the Customers with the option of universal application as well as comfort and convenience.


This function is easily and comfortably opened by lifting the sleeping section. After folding out, both sleeping surfaces have the same foam thickness. The frame of the lying surface and seat is made of wave springs, which increases the comfort of lying.