How to care for leather?

Leather is a very durable and long-lasting material by nature. In a tannery, leather undergoes a complex refinement process to provide it with the desired properties. Leather naturally ages and wears out with time.

Because of the unique properties of leather, it should be maintained in a specific way, as it is not capable of natural regeneration. Regular, proper cleaning and maintenance of leather is a sure method of keeping it beautiful, elegant, and pleasant to the touch for a long time.

In order to minimize the effect of harmful factors (ambient temperature, heaters, artificial lighting, sunlight, salt contained in human and animal sweat, or damage cause by exposure to water) on the product, the following measures should be taken:


Gentle dusting – the basic method of care for leather products. Regular dusting reduces the accumulation of dirt. It is recommended to dry dust with the use of soft dust-attracting cloth.

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Cleaning and maintenance – using the so called “home methods” may cause irreversible changes and, as a result, damage the furniture. This is why it is important to apply appropriate care agents for a given type of leather. It is recommended to clean and maintain furniture every 2-4 months. The first maintenance procedure should be conducted right after purchasing the furniture. It makes future cleaning easier and may prevent the occurrence of hard-to-remove stains.

  • For the purpose of cleaning and maintenance of natural leather furniture, we recommend the use of “COMODO” brand products, which were thoroughly tested on the leathers that we use.
  • Before applying any furniture maintenance agents, it is necessary to conduct a “water absorption test” on the surface of the leather.

All cleaning and maintenance agents should first be tested in the least visible spot of the furniture. The previously tested agents should be applied on large surfaces, from seam to seam. It is not advisable to rub stained surfaces, as it may cause damage to the material. In the case of stains that penetrated the surface, it is best to contact the technical service under the following number: +48 75 781 61 80. It is not recommended to try to remove stains with solvents (stain removers, turpentine, gasoline, etc.), as this may make the stain larger and harder to remove.